Top 3 Finance Apps for Your Small Business

Managing your finances well is the key to success in business. Without proper management of things like payroll, return on investment and expenditures, you can find yourself in a difficult situation. However, make no mistake: finance management is a hard business, which is why entire industries have risen around solutions to this problem. Solutions like QuickBooks and accounting services have saturated the market, but how do you choose from the overwhelming number of options out there? We’ve researched finance management options and have found three that work great and can fit in the palm of your hand.


First off on our list of finance apps is Neat Accounting. Neat is more than a name in this case, and it describes the application pretty well. One of Neat’s most interesting features is its capture ability. Neat’s capture function allows you to scan and take photographs of receipts, invoices and other documents and transfer the data in the picture into actual usable data. Things like dates, names and prices are selected from the page and logged for you to use at a later date. Neat also allows you to sync this data across all of your devices and generate reports in a matter of moments. Neat also has a long list of other features that you can browse here, but the scanning function is probably the application’s most noteworthy feature.