Business Cash Advance

It has been proven that without well-established revenue and great credit, banks will rarely lend to your small business. However, there are better options for you and your business. A business cash advance from Spartan Capital could help you get to cover all your financial needs. A business cash advance allows business owners to receive funds as a lump sum upfront and repay the advance with a percentage of the business’s sales.

Turn Tomorrow’s Sales into Today’s Cash Flow

There is no faster or easier way to get cash for your business than a business cash advance. This is flexible funding on your terms, thanks to Spartan Capital’s business cash advance program. No need to wait to order enough inventory to qualify for bulk discounts from vendors or pay additional employees as sales climb and your business grows. Growth and expansion is an extraordinary phase for a small business, however, sometimes you need a little cash influx to boost you to the next level – this is where Spartan Capital comes in. Let our business cash advance give you the funds you need to open an additional location and double your revenue.

Fast and Easy Loan Approval

Applying has never been so easy! All you need to do is click the Apply Now button where you will be directed to our online portal. The application should take just a couple of minutes and can be done from your mobile, tablet, or computer at any time of the day. Remember, aside from being simple and having a much easier application process, a business cash advance provides flexibility. This is because repayment is automatically calculated based on a percentage of your business’ receivables.

No Collateral Needed

A business cash advance is approved against your future sales, so you there is no collateral required for borrowing money. Just ask us how you can borrow against your future earnings to access that capital today!

Apply Now

To apply for our business cash advance funding, simply fill out the application. However, in case you need any clarification pertaining to our financing plan, feel free to give us a call at (855) 532-1969.

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