High-Risk Business Loans

High-risk business loans may have helped numerous businesses with their financial needs; however, anyone who has encountered this form of money lending would vow that this form of lending is more troublesome than most people perceive.

The Best Alternate to High-Risk Business Loans

Even though conventional bank loans and high-risk loans have been helping many businesses with their financial needs, the drawbacks of these loans have proven to be more than the actual worth of the amount lent, this is where our Small Business Funding comes to your rescue. At Spartan Capital, we understand that every business regardless of its size, nature, industry, or any other unique factor, may go through a rough patch.

Easy Lending against Your Future Proceeds

Unlike traditional banks and other money lending bodies, our payback plans are completely based on the future sales of your company. We will review your business’s deposit and cash-flow statements to determine a personalized plan as to how much money you’re eligible to receive and how much time you will need to pay us back.

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