Equipment Financing

When your business needs upgraded equipment or technology to compete in this rapidly evolving technologically innovative world, you need access to funding options quickly. Spartan Capital offers small business funding in under 3 days to help you secure the assets that will enable your business to stay in the game.

Improve Efficacy with the Right Tools for the Job

Equipment is a significant expense for a small business like yours. Purchasing it outright chips away at your working capital or uses it up altogether. From heavy machinery to large medical equipment, having the right tools is a necessary part for any business to succeed. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to find the cash needed to purchase essential equipment to surpass the competition. With Spartan Capital’s Small Business Funding you can upgrade your equipment and free up working capital in the process. Hold on to your hard-earned cash to use in other aspects of your business and let us help you with the cost of the equipment you need.

Small Business Funding for Equipment Made Easy

Spartan Capital helps business owners overcome restricted budgets and acquire the equipment their company needs to keep growing at the same time. Our small business funding provides you with the ability to acquire the equipment you need with affordable payment plans that can be customized to meet almost any budgeting need. You will work directly with a Spartan Capital account manager who will support you every step of the way via phone or email.

Flexible Payment Structure

To guarantee our Equipment Financing Small Business Funding is undeniably the ideal way for you to fund the equipment you need we structure payments for your business’s cash flow.

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Ready to purchase new equipment? Simply fill out the application and let our funding specialists help your business obtain that equipment today.

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