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Startup business loans can help with the expenses of getting a new venture off the ground—or growing it into a larger operation. Not surprisingly, strict stipulation requirements make it difficult to get a conventional business loan.

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Small businesses make up almost 99% of all new businesses started in the US, according to the Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, these small businesses hire close to half of the country’s workforce. But despite the large number of small businesses that start up each year, about 20% fail to make it past their initial year of operation and only about half make it past the 5-year mark, as described by the Small Business Administration (SBA). One of the main factors for this crash is the lack of funding options for startups. Many small-business lenders require at least a year in business to qualify for financing. But if you’re in the market for a startup business loan, Spartan Capital can help you today. With our startup Small Business Funding your new business can soar past the competition to a promising professional future.

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