Unsecured – No Collateral Business Loans

Most traditional lenders require business owners to pledge collateral against their business loans. This can be business or personal and include real estate, equipment, savings, or other assets. But if you don’t have collateral to pledge for the loan or don’t want to put personal assets on the line, we have no-collateral business funding options for you.

The Worry-Free Capital

At Spartan Capital, we understand that some business owners may not have personal or business assets to offer as collateral. Unsecured business funding is a no collateral option that can make getting the financing your business needs much less risky. With our unsecured business funding, you can focus on the important aspects of your business without having to worry about the potential of losing assets. With this funding option, Spartan Capital can provide financial security and flexibility to back your business when you need it. We don’t focus on collateral, instead, we evaluate the potential of your business to determine if our business funding is the right fit for you.

Individualized Repayment Plan

With Spartan Capital, you will be able to get the funding your business needs, while assuring that the payback plan is exclusive to your needs. To ensure this, our team of funding experts analyzes your business model and prepares the payback plan according to your business model. We take the worry out of every step of the funding process for you.

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To apply for our unsecured business funding, simply fill out the application and let us worry about the rest.

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