Who We Are

Committed to Us Small Business Owners and their Community

Spartan Capital is a small business funding company —fully committed to helping the small business owner triumph. Spartan Capital serves the small business community nationwide by offering uniquely customized financial services and products to small businesses and start-ups. Since 2016, we have worked with business owners in hundreds of communities and industries to help them expand and upgrade. Our customers and partners come to us for all of their working capital needs. We take every opportunity to help strengthen small business owners and pride ourselves on being a resource they can trust.

An Innovator in Alternative Lending

Spartan Capital is a pioneer in alternative lending, but more importantly, we’re an ally for the small business owner. Spartan Capital started with a $10,000 investment in NJ. We persevered during our share of ups and downs, and weathered challenging economic cycles. We built a respected environment from the ground up — one which fosters stability, togetherness and pride in what we do and who we are. Our core values are as much a part of our daily life today as they were when we first opened our doors in 2016. Hard work, ethics, mutual respect and transparency are what drive us everyday in helping small business owners. Today, our goal-oriented focus allows us to thrive as a notable privately owned business with the leadership and experience to inspire others. We empower our customers and employees, and we take every opportunity to evolve our people, enrich our community and strengthen small businesses.

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What Makes Spartan Capital A Great Partner?

We are a boutique funder…
this means that we’re small enough to know the names of all of our customers, partners, ISOs and brokers,  but big enough to handle customized funding solutions for up to $1,000,000.

We are able to customize every transaction, every deal, every package that we put together to fund the customers of our partners. This enables the partners to win more deals, right?

We’re not a machine-run organization. While we have an algorithm and approval scores and different criteria to decide who we fund, we also customize each deal and have real people looking at each deal directly on our end. With this approach, if there is an opportunity and room to do it, we provide funding, we don’t miss it.

A lot of other companies rely on artificial intelligence, machine learning, Excel sheets, algorithms, and such, and if an applicant doesn’t meet the criteria, the technology automatically denies them, causing your customers to be denied the funding they need.

Yes, we have a little bit of tech involved, but we also have a large human aspect to look at every single deal and work especially hard to get each business the funding needed to operate effectively. We pride ourselves on our human-based approach to funding. Give us a try and let us show you how great of a partner we can be to get your customers the money they need, now.

It’s all about Our Customers

Spartan Capital believes in American small business owners. It’s how our company started, too. So we know that everyone we deal with has a dream to succeed and grow their business. That’s why we see the opportunity to help thousands of businesses with small business funding and have pledged to provide the resources needed to meet any demand. So while we have expanded our business significantly, we still see huge room for growth.

A Small Business Lender

Lending capital to small businesses since 2016

The Spartan Capital Funding Platform allows small businesses to access the capital they need to continue moving their business forward. We work with clients and businesses that range from medical and dental offices, grocery and retail shops, restaurant and hotel franchisees, and e-commerce firms. Our automated, sophisticated application and approval system accurately evaluates applicants’ financial situations, emphasizing day-to-day cash flow. In most situations, it gives small business loans of up to $1,000,000 to qualified borrowers within 24 hours.

Spartan Capital’s Core Value


Doing the right thing for the right reason.


To each other & customers, and to achieving our goals.

Customer Satisfaction

Identifying, understanding, and exceeding expectations.


Holding yourself and others responsible for actions and outcomes.


Interdependent on each other to perform at high levels to achieve superior results.